Meet Brad Blake

Forward Thinking for La Plata County

Serving as your District 1 La Plata County Commissioner since 2015, learn more about Brad Blake.

Brad Blake Delivers

Balanced Leadership

With such a diverse local population, La Plata County deserves and requires moderating influences on its leadership. Brad delivers balance.

Brad Blake, La Plata County Commissioner

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Dive into the facts about why Brad Blake deserves your vote for re-election as La Plata County Commissioner for District 1.


Part of Brad's appeal is in his easygoing demeanor ... what you see is what you get. Learn a bit about Brad, his wife Janelle, and their lives in La Plata County.


Learn about Brad's views on various topics such as the Environment, County, Family, Business, Prosperity, and how he's worked to be a balancing influence.

Standing for La Plata County's Future

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Brad Blake can be trusted to do what's best for La Plata County. He's upfront, and what you see is what you get. He is forward thinking, making decisions guided by a principle of weighing what is best for the long-term interests of La Plata County, not just the short term costs and benefits.


Brad has deep experience working with the day-to-day challenges of administering the County. From Emergency management with the Gold King Spill and two fires to getting the County running more efficiently due to budget constraints, Brad's experience counts in this election.


Brad Blake stands for clean air and water, testifying before Congress in D.C. on La Plata County's behalf regarding cleaning up our rivers. He also advocates a plan for better forest management.


Since 1990 Brad Blake has been in business in La Plata County. He knows what it takes to run a successful enterprise in our County and is committed to making the necessary changes at the County level to make it easier for businesses to launch and expand.


With family roots in the area back to the 1930's, Brad and his wife Janelle value and enjoy the opportunity to raise their family in La Plata County. They're deeply invested in seeing future generations have the opportunity to prosper and raise their families here.


Brad's experience in La Plata County as a Commissioner since 2015 and as a longtime resident, family man, and business owner helps him balance the County's long term interests with short term costs and benefits.


Brad works hard to find ways to help people advance in life, where that's collaborating on our area's homelessness issues to seeking a solution to our workforce's housing needs. Upward mobility based upon hard work is a principle Brad supports.

Latest News

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Get the latest updates about Brad's 2018 re-election bid to continue serving as your balancing voice on the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners.

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